Please note that we can only accept laptops, compact PCs. Before donating your device, we recommend you reset the device to its default factory settings (e.g. no password). Our devices are repurposed into Chromebooks- for your old devices to be given new life it will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Date 2010 onwards
  • Minimum dual core processor or higher
  • Minimum 2gb of RAM
  • No major damage to the body of the device (cosmetic damage only)
  • In good working order- turns all, fully functions, holds some battery charge ** see below (1)
  • Ideally with a charger, but not essential
Can You Help?

Do you have old laptops you no longer use ?

Are they less than 10 years old and in good condition?

Why not donate them to help children to get online and learn?

Without Digital Access a child is likely to have no access to online learning, poorer health outcomes, lack of a voice & visiblity, increased loneliness, a greater risk of falling into poverty and less access to jobs.

With Digital Access a child is more likely to be able to do schoolwork at home, have access to wider online learning, have access to mental health support, be connected to peers, access jobs & opportunities, have an opportunity to build digital skills and have access to online support & resources.

Our Project takes devices donated by individuals & business, repurposes them to be internet ready and provides to the disadvantaged families identified by school, along with MiFi units and connectivity.

Pupils In Need
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