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Can You Help?

Do you have old laptops you no longer use ?

Are they less than 10 years old and in good condition?

Why not donate them to help children to get online and learn?

Without Digital Access a child is likely to have no access to online learning, poorer health outcomes, lack of a voice & visiblity, increased loneliness, a greater risk of falling into poverty and less access to jobs.

With Digital Access a child is more likely to be able to do schoolwork at home, have access to wider online learning, have access to mental health support, be connected to peers, access jobs & opportunities, have an opportunity to build digital skills and have access to online support & resources.

Our Project takes devices donated by individuals & business, repurposes them to be internet ready and provides to the disadvantaged families identified by school, along with MiFi units and connectivity.

Pupils In Need
Laptops Distributed So Far